About Us

The She in She’s My Mechanic is Joanna. Joanna has worked on cars, motorcycles and jet ski’s for thirty years or more. Mechanical work comes naturally to her and she applied it to her own cars. She has worked on a variety of cars and motorcycles, including jet ski’s. Her favorite was a restoration of a 1969 Corvette.

As a woman in a predominantly male field of auto mechanic she had to know her stuff and then some. Her work had to be top notch, and correct every time or bear the criticism from the male mechanics. This constant lean towards perfection caught the attention of car and motorcycle owners who started requesting her services.

She ran a small auto repair service for eight years before retiring. She became bored with retirement quickly and started working on vehicles just as a side job and writing about the work as she performed it. This she shares with you on She’s My Mechanic!