Change a Tire (Everyone Should Know)!

How many of you know how to change a flat tire? According to a AAA survey 60% of Americans do not know how to change a tire. There is a comment though that of these 60% most could probably Google it. That’s reassuring…not!

When I was a driving instructor one of my biggest concerns was all these kids that I was teaching to come to a complete stop at a stop sign and yield to the other cars and so on, had no idea how to change the tire on the car they were driving! On average a person can expect to change a tire five times in their lifetime.

Driving lessons has had a profound impact on the death rate of teenage drivers, it’s a great program. But it could be much more! I am asking, “Why aren’t we teaching these kids something as basic as changing the tire on their vehicle?” It’s not like a flat tire is unheard of, or even rare. Flat tires happen to the best of us, at the most inconvenient time. Yet, these people don’t know what to do.

I decided to set aside some time, during the driving lesson, to go over changing a tire, the importance of knowing how to change the tire, the location of the spare tire and the tools to change it with and where in the vehicle to find instructions on changing the tire.

1 out of 10 students could say, “Yes, I know how to change a tire.” The rest of them either had no idea that a tire could be changed out on the road or that their were tools on board to do so. Some students were unaware that there was a spare tire hidden on the vehicle!

After the first lesson I would make a note on their sheet that their homework was to have someone show them how to change a tire before their next driving lesson.

The company I worked for at that time was very haphazard about record keeping and communication. This made it difficult to find out if the student had completed my assigned homework.

When I had enough of the haphazard way this business was run I moved on knowing that these kids are not going to learn this vital process of changing a tire. It bothers me to this day!

You can learn how to repair a flat tire here.

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