Complete Information On The Hydro-Boost Power Assistant System

If you own a Chevrolet Silverado 2500, 3500, 1996 or newer Cobra’s, any V8 Mustang, Dodge Ram Diesel, Ford Super Duty Diesel or a Hummer, you need this information!

There are merely a handful of vehicles that use the Hydro-Boost Power Assistant type system when compared to how many vehicles of any brand roll off the assembly line.

The Hydro-Boost Power Assistant is used on vehicles that need extra stopping power and those vehicles where the vacuum boost type simply wouldn’t fit into the engine compartment.

With so few vehicles that use this type of braking assistance the number of articles and information available is limited. Making repairing or rebuilding a Hydro-Boost a near impossible task. It is a slightly complex piece of the braking system that needs care to be taken when working on it.

I’ve been searching for more information about the Hydro-Boost ever since I bought the rebuild kit with its poorly written instructions. I need to know how something works to rebuild it correctly, and I wasn’t finding anything on this. . . until today!!

Searching on DuckDuckGo I came across a .pdf file that goes over the complete Hydro-Boost inside and out!! I couldn’t wait to get it to you, my readers, so here it is!

Complete Hydro-Boost Power Assistant System Information

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