Unbelievable Back Pain Relief

This is my story of my career as a mechanic and the back pain that ended it. Then, by luck, an unbelievable back pain relief that let me slide under the the car again.

As a mechanic back pain is inevitable. Somewhere along the line of a mechanics career back pain is going to sideline you. For some fortunate mechanics this only puts you out for a day, maybe two. For others, like me, it ruins your career as a mechanic.

My back pain started like any other. Installing an alternator, leaning in under the hood, a sharp pain struck my lower back. I was able to complete the installation with an ache that lasted the rest of the day.

Over time the back pain became worse until finally I couldn’t work anymore. An MRI showed a multitude of lower back problems. Some that would heal on their own, with rest, like a bulging disc. Other problems were hereditary, permanent, and would become worse over time; narrowing of my spine, osteoporosis, and the like.

Just sliding under a car for a simple oil change had become a very painful task for me, let alone trying to stand back up when it was done.

I found myself spiraling downward physically, and emotionally. The emotional toll comes from the active mindset of a mechanic that can’t do the job anymore. Mechanics are normally active people. We don’t like to sit in the house doing nothing, especially if our own car is in need of maintenance. We have to send it out to be repaired by some high priced mechanic that doesn’t take the care and time to do it like we would.

After a year of living with back pain that was becoming ever worse I felt like I was 70 years old instead of my 52 years! What kind of a life was this? The knowledge that I would only get worse as time passed was too much for me to stand.

I went to the doctor. Besides the eminent surgery I would need, he offered a cortisone shot for my spine. A shot in my spine! With a needle the side of a pencil I was beside myself with fear, but what else could I do? I agreed to the shot.

I had to keep food on the table, and the mortgage paid, regardless of my pain so I would do small jobs on the side. The hospital was going to be calling to make an appointment for my cortisone injection within that week. I had a couple of side jobs to do while I waited.

When I was at one of these side jobs I experienced a pain down my back so severe I couldn’t move. This had happened a couple of times over the last few months. The pain would hit me hard then slowly release its grip on my back if I stood still for a while. I didn’t have a while to wait! I was in my clients driveway, working on their car, I couldn’t just stand there, but I couldn’t move either.

My client noticed that something was wrong and came out to talk to me. I explained about my back problems and assured him I would not be standing there too much longer, yet, in my mind I was thinking I would be there a good half hour before movement would be possible again.

My client told me, “Hold on. I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere.” Lol, “You don’t have to worry I’m not going anywhere.” I responded.

Long story short, he returned with a bottle of what he explained to be CBD oil. He gave me a dose of 2 drops. 2 drops, I thought, “How in the world will 2 drops fix this situation?” Within 4-5 minutes of those 2 drops, I was able to start to move! The pain wasn’t gone, but it was subsiding very quickly. I was able to get into my car and drive the 45 minutes home, which in itself leaves me bent over usually, but I was able to roll right out of my car with very little pain!

My evening went well due to the reduced pain in my back, but in my skeptical mind, it couldn’t be because of those 2 drops, there’s no way! That night I slept better than I had in years. The next morning I noticed a definite change in the way I felt getting out of bed. I wasn’t fearful rolling out of bed and standing. A normally painful activity. As the day wore on my usually pain level slowly crept in. The next day after that I was back to my usual pain, pain walking, pain sitting, pain, pain, pain.

In the mail that day was a package from my client. My client had ordered a bottle of the CBD oil for me, thank you Clint! Still very skeptical that this CBD stuff could alter my pain in such a way, yet hurting so bad again, I immediately took the recommended 2 drops dose. Again, the pain reduced almost immediately.

The recommended dose is 2 drops in the morning and 2 drops in the evening. My skeptical mind said just take 2 drops in the morning, if it’s going to help, it’s going to help 2 drops or 4. It did work!

By day 3 of 2 drops in the morning I was feeling very little back pain if any at all. I still couldn’t believe these little drops were the cure, so I stopped taking them as a little test for myself. The next day I was still feeling little pain, but two days after stopping my 2 drop doses the pain started back up like before but not as sharp as before. I immediately took a 2 drop dose in the morning and the pain was taken away.

I have been doing the 2 drop dose for several weeks now and I am blown away with the results! My mind still has trouble accepting that these 2 little drops could reduce and some days totally eliminate my back pain! Yet, it does. I feel like ten years have been added to my body.

I canceled the cortisone injection, I didn’t need it!

I had so recently been depressed about living in this pain that would only become worse, and now I felt ten years younger! A miracle, some people may call it. For me it is simply unbelievable, but I am living this unbelievable relief!

I was able to replace the control arms on my truck the other day with very little back pain. After 2 hours bent over in the wheel well, doing the job, I began to fear I would have to be carried into the house. To my surprise, and joy, I was able to stand up with a mild ache from the position I had been in so long and put my tools away and go in and make dinner for my family!

I have been given a gift of years turned back that I am so absolutely grateful for! I thank my client often for introducing me to CBD. I have a life again. I know that someday I will need surgery to repair my back, but I don’t have to live in debilitating pain waiting for that day anymore.

The company I chose to purchase CBD from has a 90 day money back guarantee! So I’m assured I’m not throwing my money away at some product that may or may not work. They guarantee the purity of their product and your satisfaction with it! If I had felt the product wasn’t helping me, I’d know within a day, I could easily get my money back. I didn’t need to, I am very satisfied! That’s the kind of peace of mind I need. I wish every item online offered such a guarantee!

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