Vent the Jet Ski Engine Compartment

An important step a lot of us skiers forget to do is vent the engine compartment before starting the engine. If you read your owner’s manual carefully you will remember the section that warns us to remove the seat and vent the engine compartment every time we go out.

Venting allows the engine compartment to release the gas fumes that have accumulated.

I’ve been guilty of skipping this step. A minor explosion reminded me how important this step is that I’ve been skipping! A jet skier unloaded his ski at the dock, got on it and fired it up, and got way more fired up than he wanted! The fire extinguisher made short work of the problem, but if he had removed the seat and vented the engine compartment it may not have happened.

This is the only jet ski you don’t have to worry about venting! This is for our lil jet skiers, the champion skiers of tomorrow had to start somewhere, right! Under $10 I had to pick one up for my kids.

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